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Organization Restructure as per QMS

The best way to predict the future is to invent it
– Alan Kay, Scientist, Inventor.

A journey from the known to the unknown, which helps create the future from a montage of hopes, dreams, threats and opportunities is visioning. One of the key characteristics of high-performance organizations and teams is that they have a clear picture of what they are trying to create together, they are excited and clear about their basic purpose and they share a common set of values. The core elements such as objectives and key results (OKRs) constitute their identity and keep the people, teams and organizations responsive and innovative in new situations.

We at IIHRD evoke creative solutions to business challenges and sparks continual evolution and learning in terms of designing and implementing quality management systems at every level.

Profile Designing

Curriculum Vitae, Resume, Bio-Data development

We at IIHRD believe that resume writing is not a boastful exercise but exploring the strengths and capabilities. We interview the candidates to understand their capacity, aptitude, abilities and project them in an appropriate manner. Most of the cases, the students or even the experienced employees do not know how to project or tailoring the CV appropriately to suit their skills. Here, we assist them in designing their profile in whatever fashion they would like to with utmost emphasis on their abilities without any exaggeration. After all, it is the candidate who should face the real interview and to defend ultimately. While preparing the CV/Bio-Data/profile, the incumbent will automatically understand how to defend their working experience and their skills. We have been delivering hundreds of profiles and their continued success is our goal.

PhD Thesis and Academic Projects

Empowering the research scholars is another initiative by IIHRD. We strengthen and give confidence with all the advice/references needed to conduct the research, or write projects on their own at their graduate, post-graduate, MPhil, or PhD level. We sensitize them with a framework in a systematic manner to fulfil their research objectives.

Logical framework

Another important advantage for the research scholars is, we assist them with plagiarism checking with the help of advanced tools, and make them publish their articles, papers, etc., in the SCOPUS, Web of Science, UGC CARE listed/ indexed journals.

We are practicing business management consultants with more than 20+ years of experience in diversified theories and models of business management and business administration under the faculty of commerce and management. We assist the students in writing their academic projects or any project reports as part of their academics or otherwise.

You can consult with us for any project in any area of management and social sciences. IIHRD provides complete guidance right from setting the research goals, conduct research, finalizing the topic, review of literature, data analysis, research design until final thesis/dissertation/project submission.

The following is the indicative framework that we usually follow when we write Thesis for PhD candidates/research scholars. However, we customize it based on the user requirements.
  1. Background of the Study
  2. Problem Statement
  3. Aims and objectives
  4. Significance of the Study
  5. Introduction
  6. Literature Revie
  7. Research Methodology
  8. Data Analysis
  9. Findings and discussion
  10. Suggestion and Conclusion
  11. Appendices and Bibliography

Data Analysis

Any article, write-up, paper, case study, news item or any other content that is not backed by the data analysis (statistical analysis) may be regarded as inferior content and is not worth for a citation by others. Having aware of this, and also become aware of the fact that all students, individuals any other research students do not have prior knowledge of statistics and/or majoring in mathematics, we are decided to assist and support them in their research works, either part of their data analysis, content writing with respect to data analysis.

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For most of the students who require to use statistics, the complexity of research methodology becomes an obstacle.  IIHRD makes them fully aware of what & how they should do it.  We only require your objectives and the data that you collected from the target population.  If you are not able to conduct the survey as part of quantitative analysis, we are there, too to guide you to organize the survey through the structured distribution of questionnaires, and ultimately generate reports and draw conclusions or suggestions based on the objectives of the study. The structure of data analysis will be as follows, which is indicative and may vary depend on the study that the individual intend to carry out.
  1. Research paradigm
  2. Research design
  3. Sampling design
  4. Data Collection
  5. Using appropriate statistical tool
  6. Reliability test and factor analysis
  7. Hypothesis testing
  8. Validating findings
  9. Ethical considerations
  10. Limitations
  11. Conclusions/suggestions


IIHRD is a platform for employers to advertise the vacancies of current and future jobs look for suitable candidates. So is for the job seekers to look for jobs notified by the respective employers. Apart from this, the individuals, institutions, companies, experienced professionals, students all are welcome to join and participate in group discussions, announcements, and information sharing in the blog.

What kind of Jobs/Functions can IIHRD provide?
IIHRD itself does not provide any job to anyone. It is only a platform where any individual can notify or offer their services and for the firm/Company to notify their vacancies in this group so that the interested parties can respond.
Al standard Data Analytics Sources shows the job opening growth outpaced hiring growth. The shortage of talent is an issue in the minds of many and senior leadership is no exception. Nearly 63% of CEOs in a survey acknowledged that finding key skills was a threat to the organization's growth prospects. From a Talent Acquisition perspective, this scenario highlights the importance of aligning & optimizing the opportunities for connecting with potential candidates with the industry and providing them the best experience possible.
Thus, IIHRD comes forward to provide an online platform both for the applicants, job seekers and the recruiting professionals/Companies to win today's talent war.
The user is at liberty to refer more number of other known members or acquaintances to increase the visibility. The more you share the larger you gain.